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why is he avoiding me the after we had sex?

Published on July 9, 2009 by dutchess1

me and a guy started talking. every thing was great, i could tell he was really into sex..but any way we hit it off great conversation and all. he told me i was a good one and wanted tto do everything with me, not only sex,he was reall into me and not the hit it and quit it guy...i felt he was moving too fast but i liked him...he was desperate to have sex with me, i kept telling him no,den he asked me out and gave in to sex wen i first had time to spend time with him. the sex was GREAT! he texted me dat he really had fun..but later that night he started avoiding me..he would text throughout the day but not reply back...two days after no more textin or do i get him bac


Don't. It really sounds like he played you. Along with that you felt rushed because he kept pressuring you. I LOVE SEX, and its pretty obvious from the get go, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to pressure someone into it.

Listen your instincts and don't ever go faster than what you are ready for. Chalk this up to great sex, bad experience, and move on. Just don't hold it against other guys that try to date you.

You'll find someone that will respect your boundaries, be great in the sack, and continue to call you because he'll respect you and want you for more than just good nookie. And you'll no you can trust him because he respected your boundaries...but you really have to be firm about them. You have to enforce them. Sex may bring a guy to you, but it won't keep him, and you can do better than that. Everyone deserves better than that.

Just trust your instincts more, enforce your boundaries, and be sure of what you want to do instead of just caving in because you like the guy. If he really likes you then he'll wait. If he doens't wait then you know it wouldn't have been worth being with him.

Chalk it up to experience. Unfortunately, you were a challenge to him, and once you were no longer a challenge, he backed off. If there is a lesson to be learned from this, don't let it be the "all men are dogs" one that some people like to run with. I would say that you have to learn to be more discerning. You said yourself that he was moving too fats, and that was your big red flag. If he was really into you, then he would have respected your wishes and waited. If you look at what you wrote, you can see how he contradicted himself: he said that he wasn't a hit it and quit it type of guy, but then he was desperate to have sex with you. Slow down, and wait. The guy for you will respect your wishes.

I'm gonna agree with t and Q, drop this pain coin in your experience purse and move on. It's one thing when a guy tell you these things then you move in on him. If he's telling you these things all while itching to get in your pants, you can be sure that he's spittin' game and isn't being totally up front.

My personal rule of thumb is this, if you aren't in a relationship with a man, assume that when you have sex, it's sex and nothing more. I don't mean you've talked about being in a relationship, or the pseudo-relationship (where you act like you're together, but it's never been agreed upon), I mean you two have decided that you will be hanging out together often in a manner that promotes getting to know each other. Otherwise, it's just sex. Lucky you if he calls back (texting is the way of the one-nighter who likes to avoid real contact but wants to keep you close enough to bang again) but if he doesn't , remember how much fun you had, and go on about your life.

its ok yuh didnt do nothing wrong he just seen yuh s a challenge n as soon as yuh gave in he got out ...

The exact same thing happened to me and I was googling to find out why. Thank for your posting this and thanks everyone for answering.