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Why hasn't my fiance married me?

Published on May 4, 2013 by yashira.m

I really don't understand why my fiance hasn't married me? We been together for 8 years been engaged for 7 years we have 4 kids. He says he wants to marry me but we haven't, I don't understand what's wrong is it me.


You have this guy in the palm of your hand. Your lack of confidence is disturbing to me, but I sympathize. Pretend to have confidence and if you do that enough, you will have the real thing. Put the man in a headlock and marry him.

An engagement means a contract or promise between a man and woman to get married at an agreed-upon date. If he has not set a solid wedding date with you (or keeps endlessly postponing it), you are not really engaged, even if he has given you a nice ring. He is just putting you on the shelf. Talk to an attorney about child support and visitation and give him his walking papers. If he gave you a ring, tell him you cannot wear it under false pretenses.