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Why hasnt he proposed yet??

Published on May 13, 2011 by hpsport

Im 25 my boyfriend is 27 next week. Weve talked about getting married for over a year, and a year ago he asked for permission from my mom and we went engagement ring shopping. Im confused as to why he has not proposed yet. He has had a ring since January and this is now may. We are planning on leaving for a trip tomorrow and i peaked to see if he packed the ring and he hasnt. Im completely lost right now and tired of waiting for him to POP the question. Why does a guy need to hold onto a ring for 5 months and we live together. I thought maybe this would be it but now im beginning to wonder if he has doubts. HELP PLEASE


Wait until after the trip and then bring the subject up with him. You have the right to know if he still plans on asking you to marry him or not. Just be mellow and ask, "I know that you bought the ring in January. Is there a reason you've delayed popping the question?" If you are afraid of open discussions with him about anything in your relationship, it's not as strong of a relationship as it should be.

He is still watching some grey areas of you. So brush up and be the lady he wants

He is still watching some grey areas of you. So brush up and be the lady he wants

It's possible he's trying to find the perfect time to do it. He might also be wanted to wait until he has enough money or something.

However, he might also be wondering if he made the right decision.

I would wait until after the trip, as Safire suggests, and then ask him about it.

Hi hpsport,

For me there was always the financial challenge. Do I have/make enough to take care of this woman I love so much without a financial struggle. If there are no financial issues, then you just need to tell him what you want. I have no idea what it is with you women who sit around waiting for us lame guys to come to our senses and do the right thing. It take two to tango!!

Let us know when he pops the question!!