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Why has my Boyfriend not contact me yet does this means its over or he does n't care anymore?

Published on May 20, 2014 by dashoko

Am 29 years old and he is 23 years old.We have a relationship of 10 months and things are going in very well till on last Saturday. We don't stay together in the same town but its a distance of 30mindrive. Last Saturday everyone of us wanted to spend time with his friends.He was wanted to travel with his friends in another town to party and I wanted to go in the town he lives with my girlfriend's to party.Everything was just fine. So I asked him to give me his key's so that after party I can sleep by his apartment he told me we will meet later and he will give me, but still he was kinda off not comfortable with the idea because he told me his friends wanted to sleep there too so it would be better if I sleep by my girlfriend. Later in the afternoon he told me they are going to travel early so he can't give me his keys I said ok but I was upset. We didn't communicate again that day. Me and my girlfriend decided to attend another party but in the same town not where I told my boyfriend was supposed to go.So it was 3am at night in that club when I couldn't believe seeing blmy boyfriend coming out id dancing floor I was shocked since he told me he was going to another town with his friends. When he saw me I could see his face was also shocked. ..he started explain I wanted to tell you we didn't go , I know now you think I lied to you bla bla.I walked away from him and stand somewhere else.After a while he came again to me and asked me to go where he was so I was curious I went.When we reached the place ge was sitting I could only see girls who he introduced me to them non of his male friends were there.So I asked him where are their he said they were there but he can't see them.i couldn't imagine...I was mad more.At that time he tried to kiss me holding my hand infront of those girls I refused and told him am going home. He escorted me till the Club exit.So when I was almost to go now out he tried to kiss me I refused. ..he asked me so that's it I said yes that's it and I left. Am afraid he has not text or call me since Saturday and we have now Tuesday. I miss him and love him so much despite the fact he lied to me I still want ti give this relationship a chance. please tell what is the best thing to do in this situation?


You might hate me for saying this...and I'm sorry... but it doesn't sound like he is on the same page as you. He should be proud to have you as his girlfriend and excited when the opportunity comes up to spend time together. Instead, he's making excuses why you cant stay at his house and going out to the bar without you when he's supposed to be somewhere else. Even if his buddies were staying there too, would you not be sleeping in his bed? It doesn't make sense. There would have been room for you too. He easily could have shot you a text saying where he was going if plans had changed and you were partying in the same town. For him to looked shocked and Busted is a bad sign. He knew he did wrong. So... why was he out at the club without you and leaving his bed open? For other opportunities? I would be keeping a careful eye on this guy. Really. Good luck girl