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Why doesn't my boyfriend change his relationship status on facebook?Should i worry?

Published on December 1, 2009 by melissa25

Hi i just recently became girlfriend to this guy and really eachother but when i change my status on Facebook to in a relationship and i asked him to do the same he kept himself single and said is no ones business?Should i worry?


Well, that depends. Is it incredibly important for you that everyone linked to you on a social site like Facebook know that you two are attached? For some, it's just a personal preference to keep private/important things just that - special, between you two (and those close to you), and off the internet.

My boyfriend and I have been together for quite a long time, and neither of us have ever felt any desire to have this known on Facebook. We're not a "facebook couple" that flaunts pictures or status updates about "us." This is of course something that we've discussed and decided together. Neither of us is listed as "single," we leave that field neutral/blank. Those who know us, and those that are important to us already know what's going on in our lives. The random people from high school who have added me for no reason really don't need to know the whole story. But I also limit what I put out on the internet about myself.

If this is a problem for you personally, you should just talk about with him in an open/honest manner. Don't be accusatory, or overly aggressive, just let him know that you seek to understand his reasoning.

Best of luck!

I wouldn't worry about it for now. I just recently started a facebook page myself and its not really something that I keep up with, not a huge social hub for me. I could really care less if it says that I am single or not. If it turns out that facebook is a huge social hub for him, something that he may have used to meet you on, something that he is using to meet other women with, they yea, it would be a big deal.

I relate with Jade Fox on what she stated. Facebook is not the be all of anything, anyone important and close enough to the two of you will know what is really going on and not worry about what facebook says.

Wow guys thank you soo much for your responses,it really cleared out my mind i guess i shouldn't worry about it then =).

You shouldn't worry about something like that. It just takes the guys a while to get us to the fact that they do need to change it..

Its a new relationship and clearly FB is not that important to him. I know a lot of people who are dating but their relationship status is not on their FB page, because they don't want exes saying annoying things, parents being annoying, etc. I disagree with Jade. He's given you his reason, he doesn't think FB is important. Try and respect that.