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Why Doesn't He Talk

Published on May 12, 2013 by anicole0203

So, not going to go into too much detail, just straight to the point... my ex and I, even after breaking up with him, we've always managed to find a way back in each other's lives. Recently, he picked me up after coming back from training for ball, and I told him I was surprised he even missed me (thinking he couldn't possibly have time) and he replied, "I think about you, I just don't always say anything". Well WHY? Why can't he just say something if he thinks about me? Is this expecting too much of him, to want him to always contact me when he thinks of me, also to assume that he doesn't love me if he doesn't talk to me as much as I would want?


Well now you know he has feelings you just need to be the assertive one to reach out because he may have problems making the first move. Some guys are passive when it comes to understanding how a women feels or even identifying if she still wants to hook up and share intimacy, so ladies- go figure...Women can tend to send mixed signals so we just sit back and talk ourselves out of making the first move for fear of have read the wrong mixed, complex