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Why does one say they love you and run away?

Published on January 4, 2010 by marioloco

I have been in a short but very intense relationship with a woman , that is getting ready to deploy in the Army , she is freaked out about the whole relationship, she says she loves me but runs for the hills . I am not about to let her treat me like a floor mat. I have made it very clear that I support her in her life and career decision , she made this choice before she met me. Now she has a month left and we are on the edge of the mountain due to her lack of communication, her AGE is a factor she is only 22 I am 31 , but at the end of the day she says that she is not ready and then she calls and says something totally the opposite, I am already moving on we did decide to stay friends as she put it. Also she asked what kind of proposal I had for us and I simply said to her lets just enjoy each others company with no strings attached . Is this the wrong move hell I dont know , probably is but what the hell. I guess I am a glutton for punishment LOL .