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Why does my boyfriend change his relationship status?

Published on March 28, 2010 by xiao fang

He changes his relationship status in facebook from in a relationship to single without letting me know beforehand, but when i asked him about it, he said that "Orh, i just put only".


If he's done it more than once, you should evaluate his other behaviors/body language. It's a primal male instinct to be the hunter/gatherer,of course that would be if your dating a neanderthal, there's still some out there they're now refered to as "TOOLS" don't let him slide by with it. Some men (not all of us) are always looking for something better (whether temporary or permanant). Let him know under no uncertain terms that you will tolerate this-you may lose him, you may not. But if the trust factor is not there your relationship is missing a key component.

Sincerely, A Reformed Tool.

I think you know the answer too, that the reason he changed the status to 'single' is so he looks "available" to other women. Which also means, that he is also now 'available' for other women both emotionally and physically. It should make you think about what exactly are you to him? A friend, girl friend, a fuck buddy, a fuckable female body until he finds someone he really likes so he can then leave you..

My friend, it is time for you to think and evaluate where you are going in life.

Isn't it obvious? If he's changing is public status to "single" then he's not really your boyfriend. Stop wondering, change your status to single and move on.

Start seeing someone else. Surround yourself with guys. Go buy a gun and join the NRA or Gun Owners of America--masculine men love women with guns. It's sexy. Withdraw your energy from this guy--he will FEEL you're gone and it will throw him. Get FED UP. If I could go back in time and change a few things, I'd stop pining away over the men I've lost and go enjoy the hell out of life.

GO ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF LIFE. The best revenge it to LIVE WELL.

he cant or doest want to tell u its ova. so he make it public knowing u'll defnately found out. n wat better place than face book were u got tons of pretty girls looking 4 guys. dont b left hanging my girl go change ur status nm start enjoing urself. care less cos dats d only weapon u av n please uise it.