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Why does he follow me around if he is already dating a girl?

Published on January 9, 2012 by jewels7683

There is a guy that I have liked for a while who works at a club that my friends and I frequent. Yes the same guy from a previous question I have asked. He reveled to me last week that he is trying to make it work with this one girl. He doesn't want to hurt me because he feels like he would probably hook up with me a couple of times and then he would fade away and I would get hurt, which basically means to me that I am hook up material to him not girlfriend material. I was like ok I should just move on then and start to get over him. Even though he told me all this, he would follow me around everywhere in the club. If I was upstairs, he was upstairs. If I was talking to my guy friend on the patio, he was on the patio. The minute I went inside, he was inside. If I was dancing with a guy he would be right there watching every move I or the guy would make. It was to the point that the friends I was with noticed it. Why does he follow me around everywhere when he has a girl and has made it clear he doesn't want to hurt me?


Because he's a player. If you were his gf, he'd be following aroound some other girl, because he's never satisfied with just one. People like this don't deserve your time of day. Make it clear it's bothering you that he's doing this. It's like sexual harassment. It's not harassment until you tell a person to stop. You can be nice about it, but if he doesn't stop, be mean. Not everyone has to like you.