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why do women act so desperate

Published on September 2, 2011 by alexceeia

we chase- we if were are the hunters.i know we all long to love and beloved.but we give so much of ourselves and ask or get so little in return.a little attention _a kind only do to us what we look around and dont be a statisc of love.there are plenty of good men yes i said good men out there.with wonderful qualities if u only give them a chance.dont judge a book by its cover_read a couple of pages  and u might be intrested in reading it thru.learn how to take ((smile 4 what its worth_sometime  men are shy.and a smile is a he intrested in me or just he just being polite . or  is he really intrested.we need to take it slower.and stop and think before we wear our heart on our sleeves.dont be so insecure_have confidence in ur a garden of flowers  we are each beautiful in our own.we are capable of many things((but holding on to man who isnt intrested isnt one of learn to let go.communication in any relationship is important,wheter its a friend ,a lover-or husband-we need to understand things about one another thats not brought to the surface for one reason or another.i am not talking  about spilling ur guts  on the first date.some of talk to much others not enough.i am me what u see is what u get -i dont like to play games to intrest a man=because ----games are meant to be played by children.i am adult.-correction unless its  in the bedroom..--------------------alex


Mind game: A conscious struggle for one upmanship, often emplying passive-aggressive behavior to specifically demoralize or empoer the thinking subject. The unconcious games played by innocent people engaged in duplex transactions of which they are not fully aware. Mental exercises designed to improve function of mind and/or personality.

HI alexceeia dee, I find integrity is lacking in some people (which I find in quite common, unfortunately). Playing games gets so complecated and strange. You and they may become someone you are not in the process. Men and Women are different that is what makes relationships rich and wonderful. Use those differences in a real way.

Make sure you are ready and sure of yourself. Be clear, with yourself, what you want and have strong boundaries. There may some articles that will help you in my free help secion.

Try my article in the free help section of my website entitled; What do Your Inner Voices Say, and perhaps, 10 Hot Tips for Relationship Enhancement

Good luck and be the real you.- Yvonne Sometimes it is the quiet times that feel the best. Being accepted by another human without strings or ulterior motives. Allowing reality of existence, no pretending, just the true self. No need for walls or masks. Being myself. My inner beauty shines much brighter than any outer shell we could imagine. Feeling good from the inside. Being real. Showing myself and knowing I will be loved. Quietly authentically me, that feels the best..

I think women do it because we don't want to be alone. Just like men, women want the pleasure of sex also, it's normal. Many women have been conditioned to feel guilt for wanting sex, or admitting that we enjoy it.

In addition, women have made many advancements while men have sort of remained still. There is a shortage of men that have specific assets to bring into a healthy relationship. I personally think that if a man can chose a partner he's physically attracted to, why can't women? Sex is just a visual and physical for us, we deserve more. In addition, healthy Americans are a dying breed!

No person needs to be model perfect, but you're right, perfection isn't the answer, bonding, honor and respect are. Thank you for writing this. All women need to hear it.