Because more than about 5 years is a school related generation gap, and more than 10 years is a full generation gap, and at 15-as sad as this is for me to say-the older is old enough to be your parent. Think about it this way-5 years you were graduating High School they were graduating college - you were still in the teenage world intering the college age world and they were in leaving the college antics for the adult world. 10 years-your still in your 20's or 30's and they are in their 30's and 40's-Spring of Life with summer vs Spring and Fall, and heaven forbid it's Spring and Winter. Get it? Now here is the thing if one is happy with their Spring Fall, Summer Winter, Spring Wimter, or Summer Fall relationship then feel sorry for all those people who have closed minded issue and Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Why do you care if ppl freak out or not. I don't know how old you are but still age difference is only in comparison. If you are 5 year old and the guy is 17 then yeah its big difference (i know crazy example, but it makes the point) but if you are 30 and hes 42, thats not much difference in mental maturity.

Most women i know want their man to be older than them, why? coz women mature (mentally and physically) way sooner than guys. for them to be mentally at same maturity level you probably want the guy to be a little older so atleast he knows what he wants in life. Ever wonder why a 24 year old single woman usually is looking for 'love of her life'? even though the 24 year old guy is usually looking for next female body to fuck. Give him a few years and in late 20s he is then also looking for a relationship with a woman.

Coming back to your question, is 12 year too much of an age difference. No it is not, provided he loves you. an older man is more mature in thinking and knows what he wants....and apparently he wants you!!! thats good for you :-)

I am currently talking to a guy who is 12-years older than me and it's true, most people do not agree with it, but if it works for us, than it doesn't matter what they say. if it is working for you, go for it.