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Why do my In Laws hate me so much?

Published on June 3, 2012 by vcares

On my wedding day my MIL showed up with bank paperwork on a loan she carried at her bank where she was the vice president and the loan was for a school my fiance had attended.  She gathered my fianace and his father and had them sign new loan agreement papers outside by the cars where my new husband was agreeing to pay a loan payment to her bank that was over 60% of his monthly gross income.  I was not infomred about this until he and his father signed the loan paperwork agreeing to the new monthly student loan payment.  That was certain death to our new budget since my husband made airmen basic pay and we had a brand new truck loan as well.  The bank loan for his school was more that our truck loan and the interest was high.  Had I have been included in the conversation about this new loan on our wedding day I would have agrued the rate and amount of the payment because I knew there was NO WAY we could pay that monthly bill. That was our wedding gift from he mother.  His sister came to the wedding with his mother and was wearing a white dress.  Boy did I feal defeated from day one!  How many bloggers out there think this was a normal way to treat her one and only son on his wedding day.


I recommend that you read the book [HTML_REMOVED]Think Like A Man; Act Like a Lady.[HTML_REMOVED] There's a chapter on how to deal with demanding mothers-in-law. If you don't do something, she will continue to mess with your lives. Fortunately there's a way to stop it.

after the mother in law, the sister in law and the niece all deleted me from facebook and sent me nasty emails all except the MIL I disowned the lot of them. They live in New Mexico and I live in Idaho so it was real easy to do. After 28 yrs of shit I decided to severe the tie and stop the abuse. Now they can abuse their imagination or EACH other because I am done with them. I will not subject my 9 yr old daughter to their shit, either. My husband will NEVER convince me to make up and be nice because he has witnessed it without standing up for me so if he tries to make up and be nice he can go back to them too! You are right there is no way to stop the abuse I have even confronted my mil and asked her if she thought about what she said before she said it to me because it was so blantently hurtful and she was taken back by my frank statement. But yet continues to be a cold hearted bitch every chance she can. Thanks for your input.