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why do mother-in-laws hate their daughter-in-laws, so much?

Published on April 27, 2009 by ashley26003

I am far rom being married, but i have been with my boyfriend for almost a year. he had gotten sick last august and it was easier to just stay at his mothers house, in the basement, because he had IV's and nurses always coming to check on him and it was close to the hospital. she said i was more then welcome to stay there with him, becuase i was the only one to clean his wounds and knew what i was doing. one night i had came home(to her house) and she started yelling at me and told me i needed to clean up the mess in the basement where we were staying. he was suppose to clean it up before he went to work. i was called in early so i didnt have time. so when i finally got home she started yelling at me and i didnt know what to do. i went down stairs and cleaned the room up and pack almost all of my stuff and left. after he finished work, he called me and i told him everything ever since his mom has been real rude, and stuck up to me. i am not a mesy person, he just didnt have time to clean all of that up before he went to work too.


I know this is hard, but you should try and forgive her. She's probably just overwhelmed and had a bad day. If her son was sick it might have been that she was just holding everything back and the mess just pushed her over the edge.

I also don't think all mother-in-laws hate their daughter-in-laws. I have a lot of friends who get along with their mother-in-laws. In one case a friend actually loves her mother-in-law more than her own mother.