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Why do men stand us up??

Published on July 18, 2009 by sashaspy

I got stood up yet again...I sent him a text asking if we were still on for tonight around 8pm and never got a reply. Around 9pm I called him (he didnt answer of course)...I get a text at 9:30 from him saying "sorry bout that n Im not blowing you off ok I promise u ok just got off work n Im beat just chilling in da room". So you are too beat to press a button and TALK to me and gosh maybe apologize? I would have been much more understanding if he called to tell me he was too tired and that could we get together some other night...that would be the grown up thing to do, right? (this guy is 48) I am bewildered and amazed at the level of stupidity...


I've been blown off, stood up, and put on the back burner. I'm not sure why they do it, but women are guilty of doing it too. I would just cut the cord if this man has stood you up more than once, cut your losses and move on.

Honey, Had this happen to me last year only he asked ME to plan what I wanted to do for the weekend. I left him a voice message with a response and then he didn't call all weekend. ( I refused to call any further.) I get a text on Monday morning that went something like, " I hate when you insist. I have been caving. We are not communicating. I hate when you won't talk to me." I looked at the text and thought, " Is he out of his mind?" This man is in his 50s! A sane person would be apologizing all over the place and giving some kind of credible excuse for this inconsiderate behavior. I simply erased his number from my phone. Who the hell has time for that kind of juvenile behavior? Anyone over the age of 12 who is that thoughtless and cowardly is undeserving of your time. He is Stupid with a capital "S". Kick him to the curb like rock cause he is acting like he's stoned.

I have to stay on my 13 year old to call his mom. I can see that because he's a teenager.

Why do guys stand women up is goes as gar back as why do guys cheat? Not good any way that you look at it, and sometimes there's no logic to it. I believe that there are clues to a guy's behavior that can tell you ahead of time of what he's capable (or incapable) of. If you take the time to look back at some things he's done previously, then if he stands you up, it's not that big of a shock. Disappointing, sure, but not earth-shattering.

I am with BG911. I don't think all men blow women off, it just seems like you've been with a rash of men who do. And it sounds like you put up with it. I've been stood up only a few times and they were all business situations, and I gave them an earful and it never happened again. Let him know you won't put up with this and move on! Who wants a guy who treats a woman with so little respect?

Well, first I wouldn't have sent him a text asking of you're still on? Kinda seems needy and like you think you're low value. I'm not trying to pass the buck for his behavior, but maybe that had something to do with it. He mighta been on the fence, picked up some of your other behavior, and then this was the last straw.

I know the need to firm up plans, but maybe something more long the lines of "What kinda of clothes should I wear?" or "Man am I hungry, I hope you don't mind seeing a girl eat!" might have worked better.

Of course, he coulda just been a flake. I just like to ask myself what I may have contributed to the situation before I wrote it off.