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Why do men play games

Published on September 29, 2013 by angelface31

I was talking to this guy I met on line.. Off and on for a few years he wanted to meet me so I waited for him at boston pizza for 5 hours he kept telling me he was coming but never showed. Then we stoped talking. I talked to him again about 2 months ago he apologized for what happened then I get a text from this women saying he was married and I flipped he told me he wasn't but I don't know what to believe I can't stop thinking about him even tho we don't talk how do I get past this


Why would you continue even thinking about a man who left you sitting for five hours? Move on. There are men out there whose hearts are open and available. When you find one, you will know him by his actions not his words. And his actions will all relay the same message: I honor you.

Until you get that message, keep moving on. Don't waste another minute on a guy who isn't open to loving you.

I have 1 thought. He seems untrustworthy. Go find a man that treats you with honesty and respect. Just forget this guy.