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why do i care?

Published on January 6, 2014 by youla

my ex boyfriend suddenly reappears after 3 years and is now begging my best friend to become his gf. She doesn't have any interest in him and wants to keep him away. He told her he never loved me and I can't ignore the fact that it hurts a bit. Now, a part of me wants to make him pay by using his crush on my best friend to break his heart( my friend is up to it too) but another part of me wants to move on and let Karma take care of it. What do you guys think?


If you believe in karma, you should be patient. Putting negative energy out (setting him up with your friend for a broken heart) will set you up for karmic retribution too.

I wouldn't try to "get back at him" because then you'll just give into his pettiness. Move on and don't give him another ounce of your energy! You deserve better!

IGNORE HIM. Cut him out of your life and also have your friend do the same. Move on, ignore and be happy. That is the best revenge.

I am a big fan of letting Karma dish out the punishment. A person like that is his/her own worst enemy. They will do themselves in, in the end. You will probably be in a place by then where you don't even care when you hear about it. Both you and your friend should totally ignore him and cut him off.

Everyone is right. Ignore him (both of you)… he is trying to get a rise out of you.