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Why do I back away from the idea of making out?

Published on April 19, 2009 by laurenisbleh

Most people find it shocking that I have never made out before, although I've been asked to many times. My last boyfriend asked me to make out with him, but I couldn't even answer him with a yes or no, I just stood there completely frozen and said that I had to go. And now, I've been talking to a new guy and he always asks me why I am such a prude, but I don't know why. Perhaps I'm afraid of making out. Perhaps I have too much self respect... TOO MUCH. Or perhaps I think that making out will automatically label me as a skank. Please help me figure out why I back away from the idea of making out.


You simply are not ready for it. Take your time and when you are ready - you will.

i feel the same way,but i feel like i cant breathe, guys try to kiss me but i feel grossed out, i used to kiss when i was first dating when i was a teen ager. my ex husband used to drink and he'd try and kiss me eweeeee so gross, that a a a a a alchol!! but it sounds like you re needing some practice,so just relax, and imagine they are as scared as you are

Let's be real. You will NOT be a slut if you make-out with a guy or several for that matter. You will only be a slut if you sleep with the first guy that looks at you. Trust me don't make it a big deal or else you will never get over it. It is a fun experience and nobody will look at you different, just do it in private.