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Why do I always ruin the first impression?

Published on February 3, 2010 by pinklicious

I am 25 and still single. Some friends and family tried to set me up with some guys. I know I'm not one of those pretty girls out there. I'm not beautiful and not sexy like those chicks. But I tried to dress nicely and put some make up on my face.

The problem is, I didn't know how to act and what to say. I made mistakes, like I talked about my ex-bf or his ex-gf. And I don't know, maybe I was too loud? Maybe guys like calm chicks? Whatever mistakes I made, I always ruined the first impression. They never called me back.


Dont ever say your not beutiful because im sure you are you need a bit more self confidence in your self you be your self not dress up and be someone else. you be cool and calm and just have fun. and no as i have learned exs is not good subject but im sure you will find someone be your self and get more confidence in your self even if its getting your hair done to make you feel bit sexer or better char x

You should just be yourself. Don't stress out or try to act a certain way. You'll eventually find someone who will like you for you, but if you try to be fake guys will see through that. Don't think of yourself as not pretty or sexy. Don't compare yourself to anyone because you aren't like anyone else. You're your own person and you're unique. You say you dress nice, but also carry yourself with a sense of self-respect. Be confident and know that you'll meet the right match for you eventually.

outside i look confident. but not inside. for years i've been compared to my sister. she's very beautiful and fashionable. to tell the truth, i'm tired of being compared to my sister. i must find a way to boost my self confidence. how?

Its that lack of confidence inside that is coming out. Just like you can tell when a guy is just trying to get in your pants, many guys can tell when the woman they're out with doesn't feel good about herself. Too much of that and a guy will read it as baggage that he won't want to deal with.

Honestly, I have gone on dates with gals a lot like you, and I have no problem with it. First dates, and impressions, are all tangled up nerves and uncertainties. It takes time for a person to get to a point where they aren't concerned about impressing the other person on a first date, but leaving the real impression of themselves.

You know you aren't your sister. Are you at all happy about that? Do you really like who you are? Take care of that first and, eventually, the dating thing will get easier. 25 and still single doesn't have to sound like you are doing penance for something. If you are really looking to date then do so on your terms and no one elses.