It's the old Woody Allen syndrome: “I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member”

You aren't attracted to men who really like you, and you need to figure out why that is and stop it. You need to consciously adjust your attitude and start telling yourself that guys who like you have good taste in women.

Sometimes we hold beliefs such as, "I don't deserve love," or "I'm not that wonderful," or "I will just get hurt if I let love in," and this can stop us from attracting men who are truly available to give us the love we desire and deserve.

Close your eyes and visualize a man who is fully attainable and available. When you see him and you together in your mind, what fears, thoughts, concerns come to mind? This might give you clues about underlying fears or feelings that may be causing you to choose men who are not available.

Thanks for your advice. It is so true. I recently ended a relationship that last a year 1/2. After several months into the relationship I found out he was married, he lives by me but is from another state working here. He told me over and over again he was going to leave but at the end he really isn't.

I stayed with him because I developed feelings for him before I found out he was married. It just seems like I attract guys like this. I want to consiously make every effort to turn my life around and meet someone special.

Thank you for your advice, that's what I'm currently trying to do. Figuring out why I seem to attrack guys like this or why I choose guys like this. I'm 46 and at this age I really don't know even where to start meeting anyone.

Single men in their 40s and 50s love confident happy breezy women. Make sure that's what you communicate.

If a man shows interest, start looking for fantastic (but hidden) traits in him. In our computer driven society we eliminate people too fast. Some of the best men out there don't look very promising at first glance. Some of the truly great ones have real trouble meeting women. They are mousey and shy. But within 90 days, you realize what spectacular men they are. Give them a little more time.