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why do I always feel like men only want me for sex?

Published on December 2, 2009 by firesign

Men always tell me I am so sexy and attractive, so i always think thats what they want. I tend to give off the wrong impression, but I have a very high sex drive, and its hard for me to say no.


Sex is incredibly wonderful so enjoy it to the max. Its nice that you get to attract lots of men and not have to work too much for some lovin. If you want romance with sex, why not let the guy know that you would like that as well, or try to be playful as long as possible before finally giving in to your sexual urges? Have sex, have fun, and make sure you fulfil all your fantasies

Well...this is going to sound blunt, but they want you for sex because you are giving to them. That's it. That's the simplest explanation.

You have to decide if you are okay with that or if you want something better? If you want something better, then you have to hold out for something better.

Lyz is right. You are the one who sets the boundaries for yourself, or allow these guys to stroll right on through them.

Case in point, there is a free dating sight that I still go on occasionally. Before y'all get yourselves in an uproar, there is a lot of stuff to do on there besides looking for a date.

Anywho, a young lade popped up on there a couple weeks back. Pretty, intelligent if her profile is to be believed that she is a legal aid back in school taking sociology classes and already with a minor in psychology. She complains a lot on her profile about how all she ever meets are guys that want to sleep with her and about how guys who email her on the site are usually just perverts trying to do the same thing, and the whole time she is whinging about how a man needs to show respect to get anywhere with her.

All perfectly understandable, until you look at her pictures.

Of the 8 or so pics she has up, 3 of them are professional quality model shots of her in lingerie, usually a bra and panty. 2 other pics are from club nights.

Are you seeing the problem here?

She wants to be treated like a woman and not like an object, yet she objectifies herself. She wants a man to be interested in all of her, not just her body, yet she posts pictures of herself in lacy underwear on all fours on a bed...wearing heels.

None of this means that all men should view her as just a sexual object, but we know better. If that is the way you are presenting yourself then that is how you will be percieved.

So its your choice. I understand having a high sex drive...I really do. But you are still the one who ultimately chooses who you let in. If you really have that hard a time saying no then you might want to seek out a counselor or a therapist as there may be something larger at work, some deeper issue.

As Crazyfly is saying, sex is incredibly wonderful and should be enjoyed to the max...but sex for the sake of sex isn't the same thing. Forge a real, emotional bond with someone who sees you as more than just incredibly sexual and attractive, who sees all that there is to you and appreciates and enjoys all of that as well, and then you'll learn how amazingly incredible sex can be.

Thanks for the answers, I totally understand were your coming from QVERB. Thanks that helped alot.