guys pull the disappearing act for a lot of reason. 1.They have a next woman 2. There not that into u or 3. It's a guy thing or something more.

well sometimes when they do this its because they may have feelings for u and are afraid of being hurt again, if they were hurt before. alot guys don't know how to deal with their emotions so they isolate themselves alot to get past it. or another reason they may have someone and just might be using you as a rebound. but a majority of the time they are learning how to deal with their emotions.

becaues there like that sweetie its hard to.i thought after i truned 15 it would be all good but nope it song of the day artist:shinedown song:if you only knew

As per the title of the book - He's Just Not That Into You. Seriously. When a man is crazy head-over-heels in love with a woman, nothing, but nothing will keep him away.

Want to have a good relationship with a man? Then treat him like Jell-O in the hand. How do you treat Jell-O in your hand? What happens when you squeeze it too tight? What happens when you tip you hand? What happens if you shake it too hard? These actions will lose your Jell-O, and, metophorically lose your man.

I have been wondering the same thing myself. recently been with an old boyfriend, which has been incredible. But after about 3 weeks he suddenly backed off. He said he didnt want a serious relationship, which I never asked for, He has only been divorced for about 4 months. I can relate to this, I myself have been divorced as well. But none the less this one really hurt only because in such a short time with him I really started feeling and caring for this man. I left it alone for a week or so, crying LOL. But just went out with him again this weekend, had a great time, asked no questions, and he again just explained that he is unsure what he is doing, he rushes things, and doesnt want to date a bunch of girls and hasnt been with anyone since we were together. I really think he might be scared and if thats true he doesnt need me confessing my feelings to add more confusion. I hope to hear from him again, but only if he is sure thats what he wants. Good Luck...