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Why dioes my dad go and see my ex after everything he did?

Published on February 3, 2010 by char999

my ex ie chloes my daughters dad hit me cheated got someone preg control me bugged the house and sent fake pictures off me and mates claiming that i was one cheating to my father which has now ruined the relationship between me and him and today my ex tells me my dad goes round his for coffe like my dad dont care what he did to me and dont belive me and thinks i did the dirty and all bad stuff hes my dad why should he see my ex its not fair


It sounds like your ex is complete pond scum. Don't listen to him when he tells you your father is friendly with him. You can't trust what he says. He obviously wants to hurt you, so you shouldn't talk to him at all.

You need to talk to your father. Get someone to help you talk to him - another relative, a friend, someone from church or your community. Let him know how you feel. If you can, bring proof of the things like bugging your house or getting another woman pregnant.

Do you have a lawyer? You should get one to make sure your ex isn't allowed to visit your daughter. Meanwhile, collect your evidence.

no i dont have lawyer cant afford one really . he is very nasty bit work but hes trying to ruin my life makeing my family hate me and thin i did wrong when i was one left him thanks for your advice think ill try talk to my dad

You really need to have a talk with your dad about what's really going on. I'd say try to find a mediator (another family member, like maybe your mom or a sibling) to sit down with you and your dad. Let your dad know how you feel, what your side of the story is and how you think your ex is manipulating him. If your dad still isn't listening to you, there might not be anything you can do besides cutting off contact with him. I'm confused about why your dad would choose to side with your ex and not be willing to listen to anything you have to say. But like I said, try finding a third party to bridge the gap in between you two and help keep the peace.

my dad one people thinks good off every one and i was with my ex 4 half years and my dad drew close to him just hurts my dad is sideing with such nast man legal aid not tryed that yet