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Why did I have to be unattractive?

Published on December 11, 2009 by anongirl6678

I've been called ugly my whole life, and I'm sorry, but I can't help my genes! people have been cruel despite me being a good person. I am a way better person than them. Anyway, why does ugliness exist, what's its use?? I'm tired of this and to make things worse my boyfriend is always ogling big boobs, which I don't have! And he's really sweet most of the time, but why does he have to ogle and masturbate over big breasts? Why the hell is he with me then?

People shouldn't be so shallow, we can't choose how we're going to look! Unless you go the plastic way... but who wants that?



I can understand your problem.But hey you know what?you are making it a problem.After all beauty is very transient thing.we all get old,get grey hair,loose our eyesight,get wrinkles ,become deaf and everyone goes through it one day.What remains is your character and your values.So long as you have these 2 things you should never take people's comments seriously.In first place no one should dare to call you ugly. I'll write to you again.Bye.

Hun, I am very sorry that people have treated you this way, you are %100 WAY better then they are, and those people take their looks for granted... I grew up a very heavy set girl and god finally blessed me in my teen years. and I am very thankful for the way I look now, hence why I don't take it for granted. dear. don't listen to what people say... your better then they are, and in the mean time. keep that chin up. You are beautiful in my eyes... and I know I havn't seen you. But I know that everyone is goregous in their own way.

Cheer Up Love.

As a big breasted lady and with many friends in the same boat I can safely say they are the most annoying thing! There is no such thing as slightly revealing - they tend to have a habit of escaping meaning you constantly have to adjust your clothes so you don't end up flashing everyone. Sport is a no go without serious embarrassment. Bras are more expensive. People find it acceptable to talk about them and touch them without permission! Big boobs that are real will inevitably sag, it's only porn stars' and fake ones that don't. They give you back ache! Bras have to fit perfectly otherwise you get 'double boob' or they hang by your ankles. You're considered sluttier than girls with small boobs despite the fact they could be wearing less than you and make up 3 inches thick. It's also not particularly nice having them stared at all the time either! Trust me the cons of boobs largely outweigh the pros!