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why cant a man see the good in front of them and just throw it away?

Published on May 10, 2009 by sdb_massages2005

My daughters father left me for another woman, actually girl, we were together 2 years our 1st baby, and he said he was tired of me just like that and that he didnt want me anymore. When i asked why he said we argue too much and you dont want to have sex as much as i do. He told me not to fall in love with him but after 2 years and a baby what do you think is gonna happen obviously he didnt cause he found another woman 1 week after we broke up and showed me the hickeys on him and said i didnt care about you the whole 2 year s we were together. that really hurt me and then to top it off brought the girl to the club where i went and rubbed it in my face when i specifically asked him not to. IM still hurt its been a month already.


There is more to this story than what you've written.

You've blamed HIM for everything, and last time I checked it takes two to tango. You're bitter that your husband left you for a younger woman, who is probably more attractive, and apparently enjoys having sex.

You say that he said the two of you argued too much...what were you arguing about? There is a reason behind the arguements.

Sounds really immature to me. You need to focus on raising your child, and moving on. You'll probably be hurt for a while, but you have to deal with the issue and move on.