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Why can't girls do anything right.

Published on August 7, 2010 by kellydx360

It's like all i do is the wrong thing and i don't know how to fix it. Even if i do fix it i am still wrong. My boyfriend is always complaining that i don't do this for him or do that for him and really makes me upset but then when he sees im upset he says he is joking but half the time i can't tell if he is joking or not because he is so serious about and then he gets pissed off at me because i get upset. i just don't know what to do about it anymore and sometimes i just wounder if it is really worth it..


Well, if you need advice then you have to be more specific with your question, like what were the situations that made him say he is upset at you for this or that.

But this I can say , that when he sees you upset and says he was joking.. thats a lie, he says he is joking to make you happy again because he cares about you and doesnt want to see you upset.

But because the real cause of his unhappiness is not addressed, you still do the same things and that still makes him unhappy with you. The solution is to find out what makes him unhappy, and then fix that.

Well i know i have been moody lately but thats cuz i just got on the depo shot so its messing with my hormones and he says im to clingy and he doesn't like that.

The one situation was when i was having a bad day because me and mom got into it really bad and so i was upset and he got all mad but idk if it was because of my mom or me. i know he doesn't like it when people make me upset. then another situation is im scared of storms. i freak out when it storms out and i have always been like that and about 3 weeks ago there was a bad storm and he flipped out on me because i was scared. he doesn't understand that im scared of storms and i told him that. when it storms he always tells me to shut up and stop freaking out.