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Why are women more afraid to have an open marriage, or allow a third person into the relationship? (MMF)

Published on February 7, 2010 by tedebare

I would love for my wife to ask another man to join us in our activities. I don't care if is one man at at time, but would like to have both of us please her frequently. I would want this to be a long term, if not lifetime relationship between the three of us. I just know of so many women that are, or seem to be, terrified of their man having sex with or even seeing another woman naked. Most of the fears, I believe, are that the man will either like what they see so much more, or the other person would be so much better in bed that they would then be left behind. I think this is a bunch of bull. I would just love to hear from the ladies from their perspective. Wanting my wife very HAPPY and SATISFIED!


From my perspective, a relationship with one man is fulfilling and satisfying enough. I would never want to disrupt that balance by bringing in a third party. I personally don't feel the need or the lack. It has nothing to do with fear and everything to do with being happy with my relationship how it is. If you truly want your wife to be happy, then I wouldn't push her to places where she is not comfortable.