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Why are we all shy and worried?

Published on January 3, 2010 by shopaholic

I have always had so much fun with my partner and I know that he has fun too, he has only slept with me and one other person but I am the same. I don't know if someone said something stupid to him to worry him or what has happened but about a year ago we first had a fight about sex, he seemed all worried about me not being that into it, but it was only because I was very tired and worn out from work. Since then he has yelled at me about 5 times and told me it is my fault that sometimes it is crap and that I dont do much, he has obviously apologised after but now from him being so harsh it has caused more problems I think. I was always happy, I always orgasm, I do not know why he is worried. It seems after this stuff happening he is all nervous about even making a move on me, most of the time I iniate sex, if I dont he doesnt do much and I get upset because I am waiting for him to show me some affection. I really dont understand what brought this on. There is heaps I want to do and we have discussed going to a strip club together and having a three some which I am nervous about but keen to do. Usually we have sex about 3 - 5 times a week. How can we stop being worried and shy it is just stupid!!!