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why am i so nervous? is it whats keeping me from falling in love?

Published on October 2, 2010 by dogll

There's this perfect boy. we have everything in common, and he's sweet, treats me good. hes not only perfect on the inside, also hes GREAT looking has the perfect style. hes perfect all around. (in my eyes) hes one year older than me. but everytime he wants to meet up just the two of us, i feel regret, i regret that i've ever spoken to him, and i keep thinking about how easy my life would be without him. but he's never done anything wrong. im so confused please help me.

  • Nina 14.


yeah as always teenage love :D whats keeping you from falling in love? doubts... and you feel not worth him.... lack of confidence? girl, cheer up, he likes you, you like him. relax. and be confident. :)

and by the way im 17 ( just for insurance not to be called understanding-nothing-adult)

be more confident girl. and be smart, dont fall in love blindly. be like those smart women who observed and became succesfull because of that good luck dear.