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why am i having trouble ejaculating with a new partner of 8 month

Published on December 17, 2010 by slimdog

i am having trouble ejaculating with a women i am very much in love with and knows how to turn me on. i seem to get an erection with out a problem and when we actually start having sex, i keep it up and then i just seem to lose it and my erection goes away, then she gets me hard again and the same thing happens again, over and over.


this is called delayed ejaculation, or anorgasmia (meaning no orgasm at all) This can be caused by a few things such as; age (45 and over) medications (antidepressants, anti-anxiety, blood pressure) diabetes can also be a culprit. I would suggest seeing a urologist that specializes in male sexual dysfunctions. It can also be emotional. Got a lot going on in your life? (more than usual)

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relax n spend o lot of time pleasing her with ur fingers and mouth, make sure she comes first bfor u have sex

Practice with getting yourself hard, and keeping it that way. Do kegel exercises to strengthen your muscles that keep you hard. Do some research and eat the right food that help a man stay hard.