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Why am I Fixated on Finding out about the Other Woman?

Published on February 19, 2013 by sweetnessnc1

I can't seem to move on from my husband. He refuses to tell me who she is. He says it is ended but I am fixated on finding out who she is, what she looks like, etc. I am not sure if it will give me the closure I think it will. Please help!


Hi sweetnessnc1,

We are all curious about the unknown - no matter what it is. It is in our nature. However, I don't think knowing who the other woman is will help you at all. If anything, I believe it would be counterintuitive. I would suggest that you and your husband seek couples counseling or maybe you just need to talk it out with someone, like a relationship coach. I would love to help! You can reach out to me via my blog. My contact info is all on there.

I wish you both the best!

With Love & Everything in Between,

Shamia Casiano

Relationship Coach and Love Guru