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Who can help me with this confusing guy?

Published on June 15, 2014 by crazimonki

Well guess this “So there’s this guy”.. hah Had new seating plan in school. Teacher gave us a sneak peek, my crush moaned because he was at the back… (he was the one who wanted to sit at the back in the first place in the start of the year) he was seated beside me!?!!.So he was complaining, i'm like wtf, he got his way and sit’s up the front. It’s like he hates me? or is avoiding me, when i did nothing. Is he trying to not make it obvious?. he sits closer to his friends. I would see him turn around a lot, to chat to his friend, then get the feeling he looks at me, also we held gaze for a fraction of a second on that day, I'm shy, not very confident in staring.. I was thinking “yes” this is the opportunity to finally talk to him but he had to move. He wouldn't complain with anyone else. Like a guy wouldn't just hate a girl so much to not sit next to her right?…. i feel a bit sad. He is the confident type, I only know that side of him, haven't seen how he acts when im not there. I'm thinking that he is shy, that's why he doesn't want to sit next to me, because he’s afraid to chat? I DON'T KNOW! this why i need help. If this is the reason then why though? So confused… i have noticed other things, he would look at me first in a crowd and from a distance not up close, he is a nice guy, and he’s done other things. Maybe he’s just being nice or is it something else?


My gut feeling is that the reason he wanted to move has NOTHING to do with you. You said it yourself- he now sits closer to his friends. I think that is The major reason he wanted to move. Don't take it personally, he doesn't hate you. If his buddies were seated closer, he'd not have made a peep. That is his focus. It's also possible he does like you too and doesn't want any awkwardness with you having to sit with you day in and day out. Don't read too much into it. Be friendly and see what happens ;-)