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Which Guy Should I Choose?

Published on May 1, 2013 by lauras

I have been communicating with 2 ex-boyfriends, and both have expressed an interest in attempting a relationship again.

Guy 1: Is a mama's boy. Has 4 children, ages 6 - 13. Has a difficult ex. Little to no expendable income. Best sex ever. Has lied to me. Has broken up with me twice - both times to be involved with other women. Has never been violent. Good sense of humor. Does not smoke marijuana. Does not live alone.

Guy 2: Is not a mama's boy. Has 2 children, ages 15 & 19. Does not have a difficult ex. Moderate expendable income. Good sex. Has lied to me. Has cheated on me at least twice. Has been violent. Good sense of humor. Does smoke marijuana. Does live alone.

"None of the above" is undoubtedly the best answer, but if forced to choose, which guy is the best choice?


The fact that both men have been involved with other women, more than once, while they were with you shows that neither of them respects you as a woman or as a girlfriend which is what you deserve. If they were unfaithful to you before, they're more than likely to be unfaithful again.

Being with an ex might feel comfortable and familiar, but, try to remember, there is a reason why both men are your exes in the first place.

You're right; none of the above is the right answer and should continue to be your answer.

This one was easy. The answer is neither. Dump them both and move on. Find a man who doesn't cheat, lie, or do drugs. I will not tell you which is the lesser of two evils because a bad decision is always a bad decision.