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Whether to back off or not?

Published on June 2, 2010 by merlynh

This guy was coming forward at first than he stopped. However, when he realized that another bird was indeed on the wire, he started pursuing myself once more. The reason he gave was that he didn't know how to relax his guards, but he's ready now and that he wants me for himself. However, he does call not like I really desire for him to, but when he does call he talks for long periods of time and he conversations are always great. We are long distance at this particular point in time and he admitted to liking this simply because we are forced to get to know one another and make sure this is what we both desire. Also, we both attended high school together, so he's not a complete stranger to me. I live in Texas and he lives in Mississippi (eight hours apart). I'm scheduled to meet his mother next month and he has asked myself to just give him some more time, because he's searching for jobs and wants to feel as though he can carry his own weight in our relationship. I want to respect that, but I'm truly into him big time. What should I do?


i would give him more time it is very important for a man to carry his own weight in a relationship.