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where is the rainbow

Published on August 6, 2010 by guyanesekiki

been married for quite some. celebrations such as anniversaries really don't interest me any longer. Just another day. Needles to say anniversary recently passed. Long and short. there was a time my being crazy about the huzzie. Of course it all became like a spiral staircase downwards. it was all about the MIl . Anything and everything her heart desired, huzzie was there to her rescue. didn't matter her wanst or needs were. for a long time neglect faced me like a dressing room mirror. Huzzie's priorities seemingly were all over the place. Assumed short circuit. years later, huzzie commences jobs overseas. mind you next o MIl work was a must. stressing on must he was always working. when he came home we were invisible to him it seemed. he rarely ever got involved in matters of the house i had to address everything from a dripping faucet to ensuring vehicles were service. years later he leaves to work over seas. for the pass two years he has spent more time overseas than be with him family. excuses times are hard. ok. i met some one who made me feel as though a star on earth and he was the spot i fell on. it is all so different. For 6 months my kids were hungry, i was trying to figure how to juggle a job and contend with the kids this man was there as my rock as opposed to a new bed to sleep on. huzzie returns as though all is well. wishing to work out our differences. of course i give my new guy the boot. i miss him and i can see years later huzzie and i will still be where we are what