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Where did we go wrong?

Published on January 29, 2014 by lezzles514

My friend of 3 years and I started dating 2 months ago it was an easy transition and we enjoyed talking every day (whether via text or phone) and he used to say the sweetest things and start each day with "hey beautiful or hey sweetheart". We talked about being intimate and moving too quickly and how we want to take it slow and of course we had awkward sex and now things are weird. We've gone out on 2 occasions since and both times we've spoken about how awkward it was and why but in our last conversation he said he's emotionally unavailable and trying to change. After looking at this website I can see that I may have been charging at him, deflecting and awarding some of his bad behaviors when I should have been speaking my emotions. Now I haven't spoken to him in 2 days and I'm experiencing severe anxiety. I feel so lost, confused, embarrassed and if nothing more just want my friend back. Please help!


Write it all down. Organize your thoughts and feelings. Then call him. Sounds like he doesn't know exactly what to say either.

I'm in the same situation right now, creating a profile and writing a question on this site! Aside from telling me he is emotionally unavailable, he shows me his girls and talks to me and eyes other women around me. It is so confusing and frustrating. But I got a piece of advice from a friend of mine. She said we should "DEFINE THE RELATIONSHIP." Get him to talk to you in a private location and be serious, she says. I'm afraid to do it myself. Good luck to the both of us!