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Where can an over 40 woman meet a nice guy?

Published on May 1, 2009 by ptcruisengal62

I am back to the dating scene after the end of my 20 YO marriage. Times have definitely changed since I last dated. How or where is a single 40 plus YO supposed to meet a man? Online dating services are a joke, all my friends are married & know no single men. What's a woman supposed to do?


When you have been out of the circles of single people it will take time to discover those circles where you live /work. joining activity groups just to make friends who are in the same boat can be helpful!

I'll tell you what I told the last person who asked this. Why don't you branch out and take some cooking classes (lots of cities have cooking classes for singles) and your local community center offers lots of classes for cheap. Take a class at a community college. Get involved in a local club like a book club (check with your local B&N or library). Do you work? If you have a job let people at work know you're looking. If you don't have a job, get one! A PT job working as a receptionist somewhere will put you in contact with tons of people. Also, if you're religious church is awesome.

There are bowling leagues. You can sign up to play softball with a city team....sooo many options. Also, I live in a small town too and it has all of these options. So no excuses!

The best place is at work. The second best place is church. Depending on your personality, you can meet nice guys at the grocery store, post office, or even on a walk in the park.

I am a single 40 YO woman and I am wondering the same thing! I do work, and most of the men I work with are either married or far too young. I've taken tons of cooking classes, and they are generally filled with couples or other single women. I have not yet tried a book club so that's maybe a possibility. I do take my (large!) dog to the dog park every day, hoping to find another dog lover to hang with. So far the men at the dog park are already coupled or not interested. I do want to meet someone, but I'm hoping it will just happen as I go about my life, doing the things I love to do out in the world.

Here is a suggestion - ask someone (of the opposite sex - married or not) that you know out to lunch or happy hour and just have a normal conversation with him. The idea is that you get to go out, talk and enjoy company of someone of the opposite sex and you get to work on communicating. I often go out with friends of mine who are women and it is fun to hang out, talk, and catch up. While this is not a date, I think it might help you get to the next step. What do the rest of you think? Good idea? Bad idea?