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Where can a college student find love online?

Published on April 28, 2009 by miss_mimi19

Being a college student myself - and often short on cash - typically, i would want to find a place to chat freely with other single men around my age for free, but avoid places where it is filled with perverted and vulgar things.


I actually did my best to direct anyone looking at my Match profile to go to okcupid. Its a great site. You may actually find other single guys here as well. Pros for these sites: Between quizzes, match questions, and comments or answers left for articles and questions, you can begin to get an idea of where this guy stands. For okcupid, even seeing the quizzes that he takes can be an indication of his personality. Like wise, both communities are supportive of its members and, for the most part, are sincere about helping each other out.

Cons: You get what you pay for. Granted, with sites like and other big name sites, you get charged for nearly every single servie option, and if the person you are trying to email doesn't have a paid subscription then they will never get your email. However, it does show who is a little more serious about trying to be out there in the dating world. Most of the big name sites will also tailor how you actually go about the meeting process, even so far as writing up a "post first date" report (more like multiple choice with a small word box) that the other person doesn't see so that the system can tell you if a second date is viable. You won't get that here or on OkCupid. And you'll still get the creeps...the guys that are at least twice your age and sending you perverted messages. OkCupid's first line of defense against that is that you can filter your inbox to recieve only messages from guys with a certain level of match percentage. You answer as many questions as you can tolerate in a sitting (and you can always go back to answer more) and StaffRobot (what they call their matching software) creates 3 levels of matching areas; Compatible, Friend, Enemy. The other thing to look out for on OkCupid is in their blogs. They have a vast array of topics, and you'll find quite a few trolls that are really just their to cause trouble because they can. Their is also a wide array of users, from the egalitarian to the meek, but you'll eventually find your niche. I'm certain there are other sites, some probably suited to where you live, that can be used freely. Good luck to you.

You could try - it's COMPLETELY free, but you have to do all the weeding. Try their advanced search to narrow down what you're looking for.