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Give Advice: When Is The Right Time To Have "The Talk"?

Published on August 25, 2012 by klorraine89

I met an amazing man back in January. We have been shyly flirting back and forth, finally exchanging numbers a few months ago. We started out by texting every few days, always hinting that we should go out on a date, but he never asked. (I refused to ask him out first!) FINALLY, a couple of weeks ago, he asked me out! We had an amazing time together, spending the night talking, joking, laughing, and getting to know each other. We have gone out a few more times and each time, we seem to find more in common! The chemistry between us seems to build and build with each moment we are together. With the more time we spend together, the more I keep getting this feeling that he is "the one" or at the very least, supposed to be a major part of my life. I am SO scared to ask him how he feels, but I'm also dying to know! Is there a good way to approach this without scaring him away or making him question things? When is it too soon to have "the talk?"


The first three or four months of a relationship, we see each other through rose colored glasses, and hormones are running rampant. No, you don't know he's "the one." That takes a good year or two of active dating, and seeing how he treats you in the long run, long after the high of the first few months of a relationship has past.

Yes, you will scare him off if you tell him he's "the one," right now. Just enjoy dating right now. Obviously, if he keeps communicating with you and asking to spend time with you, then he likes you and enjoys your company. Don't race ahead in your mind to forever. Take one day at a time and a wait and see attitude. Women usually get attached to men much more quickly than vice versa, and are much more sentimental than men. If he asks for dates over a period of a few months without pressuring you into sex before that, that's a good sign that he's looking for a long term partner versus a quick, short term roll in the hay.

Enjoy the moment and see it as it is. You two have a crush on each other, and it will take a while to see if you two are meant for the long haul. Good luck.

Hello! The beginning stages of dating are almost always wonderful.. theres always so much to find out and so many possibilities.. Sounds like the two of you really like each other! Listen, if the two of you can sit down and talk all night about everything else, you guys can have a light conversation about where your feelings are.. Don't look at it as "the talk" though.. That shit will make anyone nervous when you put it like that lol.. Just confront it as a part of the conversation. No expectations, no promises.. Don't put a whole lot of emphasis on it like you've been mulling it over every night since you met him. Just be casual. I believe that when you have been dating someone for a little bit, you need to know what they want (relationship-wise), what their views are on relationships, a little bit about their past relationships, etc. Again, keep it casual and don't make it seem like an interrogation. Maybe bring up different parts of the conversation at different times. He could be picturing you in his future the same way you're picturing him in yours but you won't know until you talk about it! :) Good luck!!!!!!!! I hope everything turns out well. Take care!

When you hear the kid say "mom/dad? I think that this guy/girl asked me out,what should I say?" that's when you mention it no matter how young


Get all that relationship jargon an some of those retarded dating rules out of your head!

Continue to pay attention to him and make sure you give him compliments that reveal how you feel, like your phyisical attraction toward him. That's it. :)