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When to stop flirting?

Published on July 4, 2010 by dusky

I went on a first 'date' with a guy about a week ago. He seems to be taking it a little more seriously than I did, especially because I found it to be a lot less romantic and a lot more casual and friendly than I was expecting.

At what point do I need to stop flirting with other guys? Is it right after the first date, or not until a guy agrees that we're in a relationship? Is it wrong to be getting close to guys if I've recently been on a date?


Opinions vary on this topic, but I'm sure most will agree that after the first date is too early to make a relationship exclusive. In any case, if you have to ask about flirting with other guys, you're probably not ready to be exclusive. My personal feeling is that people should only make a relationship exclusive when it already is, meaning that they're not dating anyone else because they don't want to.