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when to say "enough is enough!"

Published on November 6, 2010 by angelblue

My boyfriend (father of my 2 children) has been caught in too many lies to count about contact w his ex-girlfriend of 14yrs! he says they are just friends..and when they lived was like roomates! I could care less who he talks to...except this damn woman has caused hell in our relationship! she's vindictive..sneaky...and wished us unhappiness! I even found a prepaid phone hidden in his truck..her number was only one in it! He lies and says he will break it off (the "friendship")..and then i see her number on bill!! Not he turned off the "thing" that i could view phone bill!!!!
Am i an idiot??? he turns it around and makes me feel nuts and says i have lied before!! (little white lies..never about another man!) help!..angel