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When is it best to back away from a guy?

Published on April 20, 2009 by cheri09

When is it best to back away from a guy or give him his space? especially if he DOES NOT call as much and seems to be backing off, or pulling away? i usually am the one who texts or takes the initiative,and i am getting overwhelmed and tired of it.


the best way to back away is not to call or text. let him contact you. especially if he's backing away. Then there's nothing to do but let him keep going until he's gone.

Stop obsessing is the best place to start...3 day rule...don't text him, email him,or call him for 3 days... If he doesn't contact you - call him, if he doesn't answer, cut your losses and move on.

Here is another thought...ask him. You can't read our minds, we can't read your minds. Why we all persist in trying to second guess each other is beyond me. Ask him. I make that commitment to who ever I am with that if I need space then I will tell them, and it doesn't mean it is about them, just a "me" thing. Eventually I'll come back and share. Why would I appreciate if I was just asked if I needed space? Because it lets me know that you aren't just concerned with yourself in this relationship (had a few of those) and that you are confident and secure enough to allow me to deal with what I need to do in my own way without fearing that I'm leaving you...its a sign of confidence (always sexy and compelling).

Before you do that though, look at his life. Does he have some legit reasons to not call or text as much? Is he extremely busy, does his job demand a lot of focus? Most guys are multi-tasking-challenged. Answering a text when we are writing a proposal, fixing an engine, or doing what ever the task is before us that brings us our paycheck can completely derail our train of thought. So ask yourself, is he acting outside of the norm between you two, does he have some legitimate reasons for not being so quick to reply, or are you getting all worked up over nothing?