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when I am with my boybriend, he stares at other women but why?

Published on June 7, 2012 by libby44

My boyfriend and I met on 2009 april. we dated for 2years and we both mutually fell in love with each other. we felt like we belong with each other, we felt as one and we feel this mutually. But when I moved in with him in may 2011 and we go out he stares at other women, I mention it to him and it made me feel he said that I need to be confident on my self. Its easy to say than done. I dont know what to do or how to react when he stares at other women.I already let him know how it makes me feel and I think is rude to me and other women, because I think is creepy when a man stares at me. I asked him how would he feel if I stare at another man and he said it wont bother him because he is confident about himself and also he knows i will go home with him and that Iam not going anywhere.    what should i do? ignore the way feel and not worry about it or give him a taste of his own medecine?


A couple of questions for you to think about...

1) Has he always had this habit of looking at other women? If there's been a change in his behavior, this might be a sign for you two to re-commit to your connection and to keep the passion alive in your relationship. (His looking at other women is NOT your fault, by the way). If he's always been like this then it might be a habit he really enjoys and won't stop. That would be your decision to make-- can you stay and put up wit this.

2) Exactly what happens when you think he "stares at other women?" Try to get as objective as you can and be specific too. We all look at other people but there is a difference between looking for a long period of time or focusing on someone in a suggestive way.

We don't recommend that you try to "give him a taste of his own medicine." This always backfires. It won't bring you closer to him.