I think if you did that on Facebook, not only would it put some unwanted attention to the fact that you like him, but I think his buddies would give him a hard time about it! If you are doing it in a private message via inbox, then maybe not so much. But to put that on his thoughts are that he would seem like a wuss and you would seem extremely "girly". Unless you're already in with the "boys", leave the sports comments to the boys. Also, if it's not a "finals" game, then the need for condolences are not necessary. Your call!

No, don't give him a credit unless he deserves it. He's a caveman. they don't want a you to cry for them. they want you to cheer for them.

I believe you are asking if it is okay that you said "chin up" on your friends FB page over the fact that his team lost a game? I would consider that statement from you to be supportive and cheer-leading but not necessarily nurturing. A nurturing statement may sound more like..."I am so sorry to hear that your favorite teams lost the game. I know how upset you must be. Let's get together and have some fun and hopefully you will feel better."

I hope this helps.