ive never had a bf before but I think the guy asks the girl if she wants to be his gf and if she says yes then they are in a relationship. maybe this is how it works?

hi anna. this depends on how long the two of you have been together for. don't expect him to call you his GF after the first, second, or even third date. this may take some time. but if you have been dating for a month or two, then you probably are in a relationship. how close is he to you, how does he behave when you are among friends? do the two of you look like a couple? do you show some intimacy like holding hands and embracing in front of those friends? if yes, then you are BF and GF. but why don't you just ask him? he could be shy about it, so you should take charge and initiate this conversation.

When a man and a woman become involved in a relationship it is because they both have that understanding. Both people have to be on the same pages and both have to want the same thing. In some cases it doesnt have to be spoken upon officially, because labels can ruin something good sometimes, If your not 100 percent sure of what you two have, dont assume or jump to conclusions. Just ask.