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Published on March 5, 2014 by quinzy52

I am paraplegic after an accidentin 2005. I am never married and no children. And the wheelchair too. I think it sends up a Red flag. So many women want to dance and that puts me out of the running.


Who says you cannot dance in a wheelchair? ! Check out these images and videos:

If you are attracted to women who dance, sounds like you are ready to take some wheelchair dance lessons! A wheelchair or a physical handicap could never get in the way of true love, but holding limiting attitudes and beliefs about it sure could.

I once did a non profit fundraiser for a young man named Jesse who was a quadriplegic. He broke his neck surfing big waves and created a non profit called "Life Rolls On" to take people with paralysis (including quads!) surfing!

He put the word out at the event he was looking for a wife, and he was so inspirational and charismatic he was flooded with young women at the end of the event giving him their phone numbers.

If you want some support working on the only handicaps that ever get in the way of love- the invisible ones we all have on the inside- take us up on a free consultation by visiting my Your Tango expert page:

her is some reality for you I have been in a wheelchair for 30 year my wife and I dance she sits on my lap and I lead and yes I have danced with other women then my wife and we also learned that you can have a lot of fun in a wheelchair.