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whats wrong with me? as soon as i get a guy i don't want him anymore!

Published on April 20, 2009 by violetsareblue35

as soon as i get a guy, i don't want him anymore! this really frustrates me! i want some sort of solution its keeping me single and i envy all those people in stable, happy relationships. and ive had opporotunities for relationships with lots of great guys! but what happens is this: 1) i flirt with the guy, think he's cute, kindof like him 2)i find out he's into me and i'm immediately turned off by that. OR 1)i fall really hard for a guy 2) i find out he's into me a few months later, im into him too for a week maybe, and then don't want him anymore



Therapy? Major attitude readjustment? I don't know. Sounds like some soul searching is in order, maybe some single time. Actually it sounds like your bored.

I find this to be just sounds like you like playing games with people. You say that as soon as you find out someone is interested in bolt. Sounds to me like you just hook up with people that you're not really interested because you like the thrill of people trying to get with you and when you realize that they actually like you... You want out. All you're doing is screwing with people and eventually you'll get burned.

same situation here.i loved a guy who hard to get instead of easy to fall in love with me.I easily get bored and try to escape from them once they hint me that they like me esp a guy i don't interest.I'm the person who loves challenge and always try to find different things in my daily life.but i do agreed with brokenglass911,screwing with people and will get burned certainly is my concern

you know, the only what that somewhat gets what im saying is Marlina the others dont get it I didnt say i was a slut

before i get the guy, i envision all these pictures of happiness and long term relationships. after, i just want out. and I very rarely hook up with people, broken glass911, because by the time it almost gets to that point , i realize i dont want them anymore.