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What's up with him...?

Published on May 3, 2013 by candee69

I started an on-line friendship with a man who lives a long way from me.we quickly began flirting and chatting.then it just he still sends me little messages and tells me he misses me.but he won't tell me what's wrong.there' so much more to this, but I don't know what' wrong.what are you thoughts on how to handle this.we really were crazy about each other.I never brought up long term or anything like that.And I want the friendship if nothing else.I think he likes me a lot and it's scaring him. what do you think?


He is married and he is cheating when he communicates with you. You get positives from this relationship, but the positives are disgusting. Drop this right now.

His wife has been in a vegetative state for over six years...and I have male friends that are single, married or have a girlfriend...doesn't mean I can't have male friends...