I think that new Katherine Heigl/Gerald Butler movie is dead-on. The graphic they use have the heart of a woman in her head and the heart of the man in his, um, lower regions. I saw the commercial and thought - wow, they summed up everything about men and women and dating with one image.

Yes, there are exceptions, but in the end women are usually looking for soulmates while men are usually looking for a good time.

The ugly truth about dating is that inevitably, you'll have to sort through a lot of wrong matches to find the right person. You'll doubt yourself a ton in the process, but when you finally find that perfect fit, everything you are and everything you have wanted in another person will totally make sense. Meeting the right guy makes the years of dating uncertainty totally worthwhile.

And what if what is happening is that age is catching up and the biological clock is ticking. I wish there was a way to get a short cut into the love thing. I wish there was a manual to follow

The ugly truth is that searching for perfection in someone else is a losing game. Searching for someone perfect for YOU is the way to go. Your ideals for what you are ultimately looking for will and should change because, in actuality, you DON'T KNOW. You may only have a vague sense of what you want and instead what you should be is open to the people you encounter and allow for the possibility of something new and different.