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What's with the promise ring?

Published on May 1, 2009 by happyily_married

Okay, this is really a question for the "That's what He Says" guys- just because I think they are funny and dead-on (my friends are predominantly male).

Someone I know recieved a promise ring. Now I get the promise ring (sort of) in high school, but when the guy is in his mid to late 20's? me suspicious but I don't see it as a tactic to get you down the isle.

the story is as follows: someone had broken up with her boyfriend sixish months ago...he wanted to be with her and wanted her to move in with him (he recently bought a house 2 hours away from where she was living). She was willing to move in with him IF he asked her to marry him (she had a previous history of moving in with someone many hours away and things not working out). During their break-up she had a couple of flings (she told him about one, but not the others). So, roughly 6-7 months later he gives her a promise ring to say that they'll be together forever.


Sounds like he's a guy grasping at straws but not ready (or willing) to make the big dive into marriage.