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whats going on with him?

Published on June 18, 2013 by meadowvole4231

This guy has been acting really really weird around me. He's been coming up at school and talking to be everyday (about really insignificant little things), he's pointed me out to his mom, and on several occasions he's been super protective of me. I told him that I like him, and he got freaked out and ran away and didnt talk to me for weeks. My birthday was recently and my friend was getting people to sign a group card. She wanted him to sign it, and told him to come find her after school. Between her asking and after school, he talked about what he was going to write to a mutual friend. She told me that he was planning on writing a super long heartfelt apology, but she says that she doubted it. She told him that she had her doubts (he typically really really rude but he was never rude to me) and he started ranting about how she was accusing him of being a mean person. In the end, he wrote something mean on the card....twice. What in the world is with this dude?


It sounds like he doesn't know how to deal with how he feels about you. It can take guys a while to get comfortable with the idea of having feelings for a girl. It should help to remember that how he's acting is about him, not about you. Until he figures it out, I'd spend time with my girlfriends, or on my schoolwork.

It sounds like he definitely has shown interest in you and then perhaps got embarrassed. Sometimes guys prefer to relate to you directly and not through a friend.

Getting to know someone is often marked with "two steps forward and one step back" events. It's important to think about what you might learn from this experience.

Pay attention, after some time he may cycle around again. If you are interested, simply show interest in your own natural way.

Best of luck and thank you for writing!